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The CMS that saves you time.

  • compose easy in-place page editing
  • database multiple sites on one install
  • flame built on CodeIgniter
  • downloadcloud import HTML/CSS templates
  • new easily re-brandable
  • shoppingcart full e-commerce support


Fast & simple website updates.

We’ve built Halogy to utilize markdown to update your client’s content. With it’s easy to understand syntax, your client can easily update their own website. All website changes happen within the website, rather than some dashboard, so you can easily preview the changes as you make them.


Customize with your own layouts.

We include several templates to get you started, but you can always upload your own HTML/CSS files to completely customize your website. Manage all your templates from the template manager area, add pages, or customize your JS files.


Manage multiple websites.

Control all of your client’s websites with one login and control panel. Easily manage users, modules, templates, and staging sites without having to remember multiple logins.


Add modules or develop your own.

Halogy is module based, so you can easily add features to any one of your client’s sites. Halogy currently include blog, e-commerce, events, community, forums, and wiki modules. And since Halogy is modular & built on CodeIgniter, you can develop your own modules and extend custom functionality.


Hosted on our servers, or roll your own.

You can download the Halogy core code to deploy on your own server, or let us handle it all for you with our hosted option. No matter your security needs, we have an option for your clients.