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Halogy UI Update

Posted: Jun 21st 2013 (0 comments)

It's been a long time since my last update and I wanted to take some time to share some major updates to Halogy.

We have been incredibly busy with re-working the entire codebase of Halogy and overhauling the user interface to meet the demands and needs of our modern users. Over the next few weeks I am going to be sharing some of the features we have added and where we are going with Halogy.

Today I am happy to showcase our new user interface for the admin panel of Halogy.

Halogy Color Palette

Halogy was created to be a simple and easy to use CMS. We wanted to capture that in the colors that we use across the platform. The colors represent the lightness and simplicity of the new Halogy


Developed with Sass

Don't like the new colors? Want control over your colors to match your brand? No problem! We've re-built the core of Halogy to utilize Sass, which will give you the amazing power to update all the admin colors with only changing a few lines of code.


Login Screen

We've brought a touch of simplicity to the all-new Halogy core. Halogy represents a change of focus, our focus is 100% on usability.



The navigation has been simplified and given prominence at the top of the browser. It is a simple dropdown UI that is easy for your users to find what they are looking for.


A Focus on Data

We want Halogy to provide you and your clients amazing levels of data. On the dashboard we've added some data cards to help create a better visualization of what is happening on your site.


The Dashboard

The dashboard is the first thing you or a client sees when the login to their site. We re-worked the dashboard view to incorporate a few new features, but at the same time not making it feel too unfamiliar.


The Beta

Want to get on this new design early? We are going to be launching a hosted beta version of Halogy 2 in the next few weeks. If you are interested you can email me at: and I would be happy to get you access!

I am proud of the direction we are headed and I can't wait to get this CMS update into your hands!


New Design

Posted: Feb 27th 2013 (1 comments)

I am happy to share that over the weekend we were able to get our new design coded and launched for! This new design reflects the first step in our process of updating Halogy.

While the content on the site is still the same, we are wrapping up some changes to the documentation. We have much better code examples to show:


We are also writing guides on how to create templates, how to use the {headlines} hooks, complete documentation on web forms (which has frustrated a lot of new users), installation, and more advance guides on features like custom content for registered users.

We are working to kill any bugs that crop up on this re-design. The site is 100% responsive, but we didn't have a Retina iPad to test on, so if you see anything strange please let us know!

Account Center

Part of our re-design includes a sign-in tab. From here you will be able to better manage your account, or if you don't have one, register.

As you might have noticed from the homepage, we will be offering a paid hosting option. We are wrapping up the server setup this week and should be able to start offer VPS hosting for your Halogy install soon. The account center be where we handle paid hosting options.

From the account center you will be able to upgrade, downgrade, or send a support ticket to us. Our support ticket system will only be available for our hosting users. If you are hosting your own server, you are welcome to post your support question in our forums.

A big thank you!

On a personal note, I am amazed by this community. To everyone who has reached out with encouragement, thank you. I am honored to be taking care of this project, I am excited for what the future holds for Halogy.



GitHub Repo Now Offline

Posted: Feb 11th 2013 (2 comments)


In order to focus on getting our newest update pushed out, this afternoon we took our GitHub Repo for Halogy private. This means that if you starred or were watching this repo, you will no longer have access.

In order to get our updates ready and live we need to be able to focus 100% on developing and testing our code. My intent was to keep the repo live, and try to help users along the way, but it is clear that our installation process is not clear enough. I don't want to continue to frustrate new users when we have a new update coming soon.

So please keep posted, we will have some new updates coming soon.

Halogy Development Continues On!

Posted: Jan 28th 2013 (10 comments)


Hello there. My name is Jesse Orndorff and I am a designer and developer from Seattle, WA. I have recently taken over the Halogy platform and wanted to provide an update as to the state of Halogy.

I started using Halogy about two and a half years ago for a few client projects and fell in love with the CMS's simplicity, easy-of-use, and the ability to use markdown. Over the last year, Halogy has been sidelined, due to other projects the original developer, Stu, had going on.

I am excited to announce that Stu and I have worked out a deal for me to acquire Halogy. Going forward will be continuing the development of the Halogy CMS platform. My 2 person company, Glean, will be overseeing the design, development, and management of Halogy. I can promise you, we have some awesome stuff planned for 2013!

As with any transition, some issues might arise, some features may get dropped, but we are going to work our hardest to make Halogy one of the best CMS systems available.

We have been working for sometime on a refresh of the Hology CMS system for our clients and we will be moving those updates to the core of Halogy! We are very excited that the new look will be responsive, so you can manage your website on tablets and phones. We have also spent a lot of time focused on the overall look of the system.


We are spending a lot of time going through the current documentation, our collection of internal knowledge from the last two years, and information from the forums to provide a complete collection of knowledge. We are setting up a complete knowledge base so you will always have access to the latest updates.


Since we are going to be releasing a new version of Halogy, we are going to depreciate the old codebase. While we will do our best to make sure our new version works with the old code, we cannot guarantee everything will work.

Because we are focused on rolling out the new version, we cannot respond to support requests for the old version. We will keep a forum available to our legacy users and let the community continue to support that version.

Moving Forward

We are going to continue to post regular updates on the blog and share new features as they become available. I look forward to hearing from our users on how we can make Halogy better. If you want to see more of my work, or learn more about me, you can visit my personal site at:

Here's to a great 2013!


Halogy 1.1 Released

Posted: Aug 4th 2011 (2 comments)


We are excited to announce the launch of Halogy 1.1 which includes some cool new features and full CodeIgniter 2.0 support.

CodeIgniter 2.0

You can now use Halogy on CodeIgniter 2.0 and we've made installation/upgrade a breeze. Simply replace your Halogy folder with the new one and that's it! There are no database schema changes to make. CodeIgniter 2.0 makes Halogy faster, and more secure.

Run in a Folder

We often got requests for the ability to run Halogy inside a folder, or to at least be able to run it from the default 'index.php' setup that CodeIgniter comes with. Previously this was not possible in Halogy 1.0, but now with Halogy 1.1 you can run from any path you want, just specify it in your config.

Nested Pages Within Nested Pages

Want a third level of navigation and pages? Done. Simply select a nested page as the new page's parent and you will benefit from a third tier of pages. We made some of the UI for adding pages and selecting parents a bit slicker too.

Bug Fixes and Speed Enhancements

We've fixed a load of bugs since version 1.0 and have sped things up a lot. You'll notice improved results when enabling gzip compression (from config.php) which is a native CodeIgniter function that now works nicely with Halogy.

License Changes

We've made a few changes to the license, most importantly we've made the Pro version a lot more affordable, starting at just $79 for the Shop, Email Campaigns and Forums modules. The Multi-site Manager has also come down in price to just $299 which also includes the Pro modules. You can now use Halogy on unlimited websites without having to buy multiple licenses and the Multi-site Manager helps you control all of these websites really easily.

To get hold of the latest version of Halogy 1.1 you can either follow our repository on BitBucket or you can just download from our website here. Feel free to submit bugs using BitBucket's Issue Tracker or on our Forums.

We really hope you enjoy using Halogy 1.1!

Please note: users of Halogy Core 1.1 can only use Halogy for 'personal use' such as a personal website, or blog. Using Halogy for commercial use requires the purchase of Pro. For more on this read our license.

Halogy Now Free & Open Source!

Posted: Dec 9th 2010 (5 comments)


We are pleased to announce that Halogy is now available as a Free and Open Source CMS! Get your hands on a really easy-to-use, modular CMS that is fast, solid and built on the amazing CodeIgniter PHP Framework.

Previously we charged to download Halogy with all the modules included. Now you can download just the Core of Halogy for free and purchase the modules separately in our shop.

This means we can grow a community of Halogy developers, allowing for 3rd party modules to be offered, making Halogy more stable and solid and also giving back to the community that has helped Halogy become what it is today.

Where to Download

You can download your copy and follow the latest changes at:

We will be updating it as often as we can with tweaks to the Core, improving stability, speed usability, and how it interacts with modules.

Read more

Open Source on the Way

Posted: Nov 25th 2010 (2 comments)

We are releasing Halogy to download completely free. This license will be the Core License and will be an open source, extendable, and free to download version of Halogy.

Halogy is a really simple, easy-to-use, solid, agile and fast CMS that is built upon the CodeIgniter PHP framework. The Core version of Halogy will include:

  • The powerful, modular Halogy framework
  • The in-place editor that lets you edit multiple regions of your pages as you browse
  • The version controlled, multi-permission CMS
  • The Website Import system that converts static sites into dynamic websites
  • The online template, CSS and Javascript editor
  • The Image and Files modules
  • The Web Forms module
  • The User management system for multiple administrators and content editors


We want to build a developer community around Halogy and we want the world to know how awesome it is. We felt the best way to do this was open it up to the world and let developers help us make it even more awesome. We plan to offer our official packages too (with the Blog and Shop modules that you can get on the buy page) but also we plan to open up a Marketplace where developers can sell their own modules.

By releasing an Open Source, free version of Halogy we can give back to the community that have helped us get where we are, but also build upon what we have already and make Halogy the most awesome, easy-to-use, PHP based CMS out there. So it's a thank you but also a step to try and grow even greater by teaming up with all the amazing PHP developers out there.

We look forward to releasing it shortly.

Halogy Available to Download

Posted: Oct 9th 2010 (0 comments)


Halogy, the easy-to-use publishing platform, is now available to purchase and download! Get Halogy running on your server so you can get building websites quickly and easily and enable modules like E-Commerce and Blog with a few clicks!

We are offering two licenses that you can purchase for your server:

  • Single Site - If you have one or two websites you want to put Halogy on, just purchase this license and get Halogy for as little as $99.
  • Multi Site - Have unlimited websites running off the same installation and use the Multi-Site manager to access all of your websites from one login, for $499 per server.

Because Halogy is powered by the incredibly fast and robust framework CodeIgniter, you will find that Halogy operates in the same way - fast, solid, reliable and extendible. Build your own modules and extend the Core as you see fit utilizing CodeIgniters amazing native functions.

If you want to purchase Halogy now, go to our buy page and purchase a license.

We provide support and installation assistance for every purchase, just go to our Support for more info on this.

Free Hosting

Hosted Halogy sites are now completely free, so you can get your own subdomain (e.g. at our signup page.

With the hosted sites you get all the modules such as Blog, Shop and Forums all ready to run without any technical hassle or installation worries.

We want you to see for yourself how easy to use and powerful Halogy is so we are offering these sites completely free.

User Guide is Live

Posted: Aug 17th 2010 (0 comments)


Undertaking the full documentation of Halogy was always going to be a mammoth task because there's lots of stuff you can do. But finally we have managed to get the Core functionality of Halogy documented in our User Guide.

There is still more to follow for example:

  • Full Module Documentation
  • Module Tags
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Tutorial Videos

But at least for now you can use Halogy, get to grips fully with the Templating engine, and know all of the tags without having to email us! If you do still want to email us feel free:, as we're never too far away.

Project Bubble

Posted: Jul 27th 2010 (0 comments)


Ever since it was launched, Project Bubble has been proudly powered by Halogy.

Project Bubble is a simple project management app that was launched late last year and came out of Beta early 2010. It became so popular that they had over 5000 users after only being live for 3 months. The whole time Project Bubble has been helping small businesses manage their projects and invoices, Halogy has been powering the CMS side of the app. They are basically family.

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