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Quick Start Guide

So you have set up your first free site or just installed Halogy on your server and you want to get going, but not sure where to start?

Don't worry just follow the steps on this page and you'll soon start seeing for yourself how quick and easy everything is.

Table of Contents

Upload a Logo

Display an Image

You can then reference this image in your page. Let's have a go:

You just uploaded an image and referenced it in an editable region!

Edit a Template

Lets put your logo in the top of your template so it's hard coded and non editable by a Block.

Refresh the page, and you'll see that your new logo is in the template above the editable region. Easy!

Import a Site

Lets import a website that you've been working on shall we? First of all make sure:

  1. Your CSS is in a folder called css
  2. Your Javascript is in a folder called js
  3. Your images are in a folder called images
  4. Your templates are saved as .html files
  5. The whole site is then zipped up as a .zip file

Then you simply upload the zip file by:

Bingo! Your site should have been imported with images and CSS.

If you want to spend more time with this we suggest you look at how to make a theme on the Themes page, where you will find more advanced information.