Halogy isn't like most other content management platforms in that it doesn't require you to use specific themes. You can use any static HTML/CSS theme by just following a few simple preparations.

To upload a theme to your Halogy site either prepare your static HTML/CSS using the instructions below, or you can download some example themes for your site. Once you have your theme in a ZIP file simply upload it using the Import Theme button in the Templates section of Admin.

Example Themes

Preparing Themes

Making themes in Halogy is easy! You don't need to know PHP or any clever syntax, just HTML/CSS and be good at design (preferably!).

Themes are imported using the 'Template Import' tool in the Templates section of Halogy administration. The themes needs to adhere to these rules:

You can use folders and you can call the files what you like.

First Steps

Firstly you will need to make your static, offline XHTML/CSS site and do the usual browser testing and validation. Then when finished you will want to make sure all the paths are absolute to the root (e.g. /images).

Also make sure your HTML files are named based on what you want to call the templates. For example you might want 'home.html' for your Home template, and 'contact.html' for your Contact template.

Defining Content Areas

Halogy uses Includes to separate the commonly used header and footer parts of the HTML file. Halogy will automatically do this for you as long as you tell it where the content area lies. Use the code below.


<p>My content!</p>


Please don't use spaces in your comments.

Defining Blocks

Next you will want to tell Halogy which parts of your template are editable regions. So delete the dummy HTML content and then just replace it with the following.

Theme Name

Lastly, tell us what you want the theme to be called. In the head use this code:

<meta name="theme" content="Your Theme" />

That's it! Once you've made your theme and zipped it up, upload it somewhere and share it with the community!