AVN Expo in Las Vegas Wild Style

Why AVN Expo is Great
Adult Video News (AVN) Expo is held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it is a different type of fun not for the faint-of-heart. For anyone to enjoy the festivities and events, you must be over 18 years of age. The AVN Expo is an adult entertainment trade show. It one of the largest events for the adult entertainment industry. It is expected over 50,000 people will be in attendance of a great event. AVN is a magazine that provides information and ratings of adult films, and it has been around since 1983. They held the first Expo in 1998. AVN Expo provides people a chance to get a more personal look at the adult film stars. It is expected there will be nearly 500 adult entertainment stars at the center of attention of thousands of their fans.

AVN Expo will hold autograph sessions for fans. People in attendance will not only to get to see their favorite adult film star, but they will also get the privilege to see the latest innovations in pleasure products. The expo is not only about pleasure, and movies, but for anyone who is interested in other aspects of the adult entertainment industry, there will be an event regarding the legal aspect of the industry. Lawyers who are willing to talk about intellectual property, trademarks, and other legal aspects will be a part of the Expo’s events. There will be seminars held at the event. For example, there will be a seminar regarding promoting diversity and help businesses reach other demographics that may not normally be a part of its’ target audience. The event will set aside time for a few people who are willing to pitch an idea to other attendees, and it is called speed networking. The AVN Expo will have a session called Meet the Market. It allows people to talk with sponsors via a walk-through. Sponsors may range from a variety of industries such as ad agencies, dating, and payment sites. The Expo will have a session that will allow the sponsors from the pleasure product industry to meet up with other businesses in the same industry. The Expo will help people learn how cannabis will affect sexual health. The expo really has a lot of events to meet everyone taste, but the main event for the AVN Expo is called AVN Awards.

AVN Awards is a major reason why people find a way to attend the AVN Expo. AVN Awards allows the adult film stars to be recognized for excellence in their field. The show has been around for over 30 years. There are many different categories that performers can receive nominations. The categories are forever changing, but they remain quite entertaining. For example, there is an award for the Best sex scene. Many people consider AVN awards the event the equivalent to the Oscars for the film industry. The awards show is the last part of the AVN Expo, and it definitely excitement for anyone who likes to witness nearly 100 awards to be given out to performers who are at the top of their field. The event will also entertainers such as rapper, Cardi B who performed at the 2018 event. The AVN Expo is a great attraction for people who likes adult entertainment. The event is held annually. If you care a fan of the industry, you could start a year by attending. AVN Expo is the event where all the famous adult film entertainers come. It is considered the industry biggest event, and the fans truly get the thrill of being there enjoying the people who they may only see in a film. It also a good event for anyone who looking to learn more about the industry to attend. The Expo has something for nearly everyone. The pricing for tickets could be in a range of $100 to $2500, but for some fans, it is a small price to pay to be near entertainers they admire.