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You and your clients are gonna love this...

Halogy is an easy, solid and scalable publishing platform that takes the time and hassle out of building websites. Halogy provides all the tools you need to build a site in hours, not days.

In Place Editing


Halogy lets you edit multiple regions 'in-place' so that you don't have to keep quitting to an administration page to edit content. It's so easy you can even drop images and files in place as you build your page.

Realtime Visitor Tracking


Watch your visitors come to your site and follow what they do in realtime. Get an overview on your visitations over the last few months and find out who is returning to your site.

Import and Customize Your HTML/CSS


Create custom templates for your pages and even import static websites from a ZIP file in seconds. Customize the built-in module templates such as Blog and Shop and benefit from full version control.

 All the Modules You Need


Halogy comes built-in with all the modules you need for a simple website, from a Blog and Web Forms module through to full E-Commerce and Forums. You don't need to install or configure anything, it just works!